KUARIO Gateway connects any print management solution to KUARIO

The KUARIO Gateway serves as a secure bridge between the KUARIO Platform and any print management software applications, fostering the exchange of information through robust and secure protocols. Functioning as a proxy between applications, it facilitates seamless transactions for users recognized within the linked application, enabling them to make payments through the KUARIO platform.

Streamlining Printing Solutions:

For organizations with existing printing solutions, managing user credits for print, copy, and scan services can be complex. KUARIO Gateway services simplify this process. Users can utilize their KUARIO app to pay for printing services, with the KUARIO Gateway establishing a secure connection between the organization's printing solution and the KUARIO cloud platform.

User Experience:

Credit Retrieval:

  • When users log in at a Multi-Function Printer (MFP), their credit is retrieved from their KUARIO account, ensuring a smooth and secure payment process.

Transaction Monitoring:

  • Users can conveniently monitor their transaction summary in the KUARIO app, providing transparency and control over their financial activities.

Financial Administration:

KUARIO takes on the responsibility of financial administrative tasks and disburses payments to the stakeholders involved. This mobile micro-payment platform extends beyond printing, covering various facility services such as vending, catering, washing, drying, and more. KUARIO efficiently manages user credit, tracks transactions, and ensures that actual turnover spent in the organization is duly paid out.

Managed Payment Solution:

With KUARIO Gateway, organizations can transition from their local self managed payment solution for printing to a fully managed payment solution. This expansion allows for the introduction of additional paid services for users, creating a unified wallet experience. Now, one wallet can seamlessly handle a spectrum of facility services, streamlining payment processes for both organizations and users.

In summary, KUARIO Gateway empowers organizations to enhance their payment solutions, providing a secure and versatile platform that not only simplifies financial administration but also expands the range of services offered to users through a unified payment experience.